"komon" capsule

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KOMON. The iconic jacket

This interpretation of the kimono, almost a smoking jacket with three removable layers covering the outer body, has inspired a special line of homewear which is just as refined, with details and finishes of maniacal attention, in search of the tactile pleasure that comes from the direct contact of the natural materials with the body.

Male underwear, exclusively white; silk dressing gowns, strictly blue; linen bath towels: all products dedicated to a man’s most private moments.
Special detail:
The “Crests” in hand-embroidered “Aemilia Ars” needlepoint (from the Italian and Bolognese art of lace-making and embroidery) representing the “U” logo inserted in the Uman graffito of the atelier, a dragon, a snake: combining oriental rigour and masculine characters. 

Dressing gowns: classic and long, in jacquard silk, lined in silk twill or in more lightweight white cotton twill, unlined. With “Uman” floral designs of oriental inspiration on a blue background in silk warp, or light ramages with flowers in pure silver yarn, small Japanese graphics spaced out on pin-point grounds.
Silk cord belt, trimmed with frosted or polished blue marbles. 

Pyjamas: The classic cut, slightly close-fitting with drawstring trousers and contrasting blue piping along the edges. Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with two holes and small graphic crests on the edge. Small “Uman” crest on the bottom-left. 

Boxers: In ultra-fine and immaculate 170/2 poplin. Classic belt at the back and pleats in the front with Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with floral patterns linked to the culture of the Kimono.
Or with a shaped belt (to contain the abdomen and slim the figure) on the front and Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with a butterfly pattern.
Small “Uman” crest on the bottom-left. 

Towels: A small set for relaxation or travel, made up of a large or guest size, madein natural linen, à-jour edge at the ends and variants of large central crest. 

Shirts: Models for the home or for relaxing.
- Without a collar with an ultra-fine edge in lightly brushed linen-cotton poplin, cool and dry fibre; side vents, hand-sewn buttonholes, Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with patterns of birds taken from the embroidery of Japanese kimonos.
Small “Uman” crest on the bottom-left. 

- Stand-up collar with manual pleating to the bottom, Australian mother-of-pearl buttons with jagged edges.
Small “Uman” crest on the bottom-left.
- Open-neck shirt, short sleeves, with “Uman” crest on the breast pocket. 

Series of elegant and comfortable shirts (inspired by the “Barong Tagalog” of the Philippines and Micronesia), almost for evening wear:
- “Dragon-Uman-snake” crests alternated as in a dress shirt, covered buttoning.
- “Uman” crest in vertical in application. 

Fabrics: Very fine cottons in various counts, from 120/2 to 170/2, both in poplinand twill, with a chevron design and micro-stripes. Pure silk, blue or natural, silk-cotton blend. Micro-structures in cotton which recall the textures of Japanese tatami. Immaculate white, ivory, dark blue, very light blue, light blue stripes.

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