The Founts


uman founts  14 komon a

A mainstay of Japanese men's wear, a philosophy of its own, with its expanded times and mandatory rituals... it is hard to reach beyond such a high and comprehensive style climax, but "Uman" cannot help drawing inspiration from that world the jacket is named after a decorating technique of the EDO period (second half of the 16th century) called Komon and deriving the People's sense of beauty and wisdom.

uman founts  14 komon b

Jacket: complete overlap on the side. Made with individual pieces of fabrics hand stitched in overlap. Fully lined with "Uman" jacquard silk. Triple collar, overlayed, handstitched, interchangeable.
Length 77 cms. Single button with bamboo motifs in relief with cotton lanyard - silk lined belt.

Fabric: pure cotton panama - 200 grs. + pure silk