The Founts


uman founts  12 knitta aThis is what sailors in the northern islands call the knitted 'shells' that protect them from the cold arctic weather; oiled with linen seeds, they were hand-knit with artisanal needles. The knit that makes up those soft lines were hand-knotted for about 10,000 years as a symbol of the sacred bond between earth and sky, like in the Bible. From the prehistoric shepherds to the Marquis of Cardigan in 1600 to the Duke of Windsor in the early 20th century to Coco Chanel, here we see man's unquenchable passion for this strong, thin, thick thread that never breaks, but instead coils, intertwines, and overlaps itself to keep us warm.


uman founts  12 knitta b

Knitted jacket: double breasted. Gauge 3, 1/2 "closed spindle", fully fashioned (body and darts).
Slightly close to the body (UMAN silhouette). Sleeves and back hem lined – shoulders, front lining.

Total Length: 76 cms. Wood frog buttons, "Uman" logo engraved - bone internal counter-button with "Uman" graffiti.

Material / Fabric: Yarn Gauge 3 / cotton 100% 250 grs. Fabric: lining cotton sheet dyed.

Composition: 70% wool - 30% cashmere. Natural suede trimmings.