The Founts

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Conjuring up the Canadian sequoias and larches that are so tall that their peaks seem to touch each other when you look up and the vast skies strewn with the Nordic clouds promptly bring to mind the large squares of the mackinaw jackets, a classic for winters in North America. Nonetheless, bitter cold requires lambskin lining that hugs the body, whether in the Great Lakes or in the wet winters of Milan's fashion district.

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Jacket: with shirt collar. Straight line, slightly flared at the bottom with side vents.
Total lenght 76 cms. Lined in natural baby lamb. Patch breast pockets with hidden buttons – invisibile side pockets. Buttons: "macro" sized in wood, removable, with leather links and brass back pin.

Fabric: 570 grs. Lining: Natural baby lamb.

Composition: 100% wool.