The Founts


uman founts  9 mogambo a

Based on that most sensual adventure film featuring an unforgettable Clark Gable, this jacket reinterprets the European endeavor to find another “classic”; like the British safari jacket or the French saharienne. The man in the Mogambo jacket can cope both with the hot temperatures and the perils of the unknown, or a gin tonic at the Muthaiga Country Club, always in impeccable style. 


uman founts  9 mogambo b

Jacket: shirt collar and hidden front buttons. Straight line with belt. Total length: 76 cms.
Cotton lined fronts and unlined back. Central vent in the back to allow movement.
Bellows pockets on sides, patch pockets on chest. Horn buttons, "masai" decorated shields holes.

Fabric: linen drill, 300 grs.

Composition: 60% cotton - 40% linen.