The Founts

franz ferdinand

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This is a contemporary "Tracht" made with the finest cashmere, boiled like the classic loden, and silver and deer-horn buttons, as they must be, but in a contemporary style. Everything is as it once was: Austro-Hungarian design and touches, the Hapsburg's symbolic enamelled baubles, blue silk embroidery like a "mouche" on a shirt that seems to have lost its way and settled on the opening of an A-yoke.

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Jacket: fully unlined and padded. Total length: 75 cm. "A" line, longer in front. Suede collar.
Flap pockets plus waist pocket with suede button-hole intarsio. Bias suede trimmed shoulder-line. Buckhorn disc on silver-coated platform buttons and horn button-brooch for collar protection.

Fabric: soft Felted knit, 420 grs.

Composition: 70% wool - 30% cashmere. Natural suede trimmings.